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So let’s look back at our past vists to 1605 in thee early days we had to wait for David who is thee keeper of tyme its self and to wait for a fualt in tyme its self

April 16, 2021

but as we waited for tyme to be ready as one of us had to stay in this tyme to take thee pic as you can’t take any pics as most of thee pics are called one dementational pics as we walked between one tyme and another take for instance when we was in thee duck and drake pub and by thee London docks we had to stay for what seemed hours in 1605 tyme but yet in this tyme of thee 21st century only a few seconds had elapsed and as soon as we was back we had to wait until thee next tyme fault but it gives you all an insite into how tyme was and how it is today so let’s once again look at pics of London in 1605 but also we revised Yorke

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