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So let’s return to thee 9th dementation of tyme for us it was thee longest tyme from thee21st century Engaland so ready as we touched thee lamp of tyme to return to our past lyfe in 1605 London as we go back through tyme its self are you ready when once again we meet our son Thomas and Farther Henry Garnet from a disstance as we had to make sure that we didn’t interact wyth our former selves as thee concequences would be dangerous in both tymes so are you ready then sit tight tyme to return to 1605 April Saturday 13th 1605 .parte two

April 16, 2021

after my husband and Jack refresh their sefs wyth food and drink we strolled along thee river Thames boy didn’t half pong as we passed thee olde houses of parliament my husband said let’s go to Thomas Percy lodgins remember missuss oh yes I said as we got nearer by thee building we saw us wyth our son Tom and farther Garnet and Thomas Percy as my husband said they can’t see us but it sent shivers downe my spine and for both of us to see our son after thee traumatic way he met his end after he got run over by a horse and carter in Yorke in 1605 he would of been one but strangely he grew very quickly and looked just lyke his dad guy .we looked again and Jack said ok they have gone quick as we went to thee door it was unlocked as we walked inside and husband said let’s go up stairs as he lead my by thee hand his hand was firm and hot as we layed on thee bed as our body’s was together as he held me in his manly strong arms as his hot lips on myne as I layed there on thee bed as we made love and before long he layed their beside me we cuddled as Jack came in and layed by me as we held each other as his lips touched mine and he stripped off wyth his Manley strong arms as he came closer as I gave him what he needed afterwards he and my husband said we needed that as my husband said we better leave as we went out side we could see in thee distance our selfs return we hid behind thee building as our other selfs went inside as we walked by thee houses if parliament to thee river as guy said it’s getting late and theirs Robert Castesby s house oh yes Jack said as we continued into thee city end of parte two as thee lamp of tyme appears

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