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As we all know that in England we are a Nation of shopkeepers from thee shops of 15th century tyme to thee corner shop and from thee 1960s when supermarket came in and how we followed in our mothers footsteps on where to buy our goods every one has their favourite shop to buy food or visiting thee shopping maul and each one holds a memory but as we know wyth thee sad demise of our high streets and lots of our favourite shops have sadly gone as we go on thee internet to buy our goods but there’s nothing lyke seeing it on thee shelf and helpful staff that was on hand to advise thee personal service you could say.

April 17, 2021

on our tyme travels back to visit 1960s and 1970and 1980s Engaland we revisted another tyme a way of lyfes that was thee jewels of Britain’s high streets thee goods and products from various manafacters that in to days world have gone as for me it gave me a insite into a world that sadly no longer exists wyth shops that have gone lyke Victor value supermarket wow when we visited it it was my first and husbands and Jack and Christopher first tyme great things to see as for my husband and Jack and Christopher it was thee sweets lyke crunchie and bar of six wyth their orange wrappers but talking of chocolate olde Jamaica bar wyth rum in it and caramac and weekend box of chocolates as they brought and payed their money as they can eat on when we traveled back they enjoyed there purchases but as we know each store had their own tune take for instance Safeway everything you want from a store and a little bit more or CA yove got thee look we are looking for CA .or thee wonder if Woolworths that’s thee wonder of a woolworths Christmas or international that’s thee world of better shopping so come in and see .but for me it’s Pricerights wych will slalwa rememberd and Woollworths and CA coming up next week we try to get all thee ghosts we know for a special pic after all seeing a lot of drawings of thee plotters of thee gun powder plot we thought it was tyme that everyone was in thee same pic and on 23Aprill it’s sent George’s Day decorations here’s a pic from our tyme travels let’s go shopping as our k2lamp takes thee pics of us shopping in 1960s Britain

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  1. April 17, 2021 7:17 pm

    Victor Value – wow! That is a wonderful flashback to the 60s as well as the characters being from many centuries before. Do you have any pics showing PriceRite? I can’t remember what they looked like.

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