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As now it’s parte four of our tyme travels back to 1962 Britain so let’s go shopping and poseing till closing outside Pricerights remember thee pink sheald stamps ? As we went inside as our lamp stood outside after it saw another K2 wyth lots of lyght flickering as my husband said oh no don’t say he’s after a date on this lonely street in yorksher but it was tyme for us to start our adventure back in tyme for bed so are you ready then let’s go jolly good show so to Engaland 1962

April 18, 2021

so lets return in victor value store wyth thee sounds and smells of bred and fruit and vegetables as well as various types of tin stuff and washing powders who remembers Omo and square deal surf and as we looked around thee store but only breafly it was sadly tyme to go wyth everything under one roof wyth bright lyghts and isles of so much to see wyth biscuits and fish counters and sweets made me feel hungry but even thou our lads can eat I can’t as we came out this great shop as thee boys tucked into their sweets they brought as we continued along our was till our next shop to stand in front wyth thee sounds of price guns as sales assistants would rush to price up things for thee selves who remembers mother’s pride loafs of bred and on our later travels to thee 1970s caters we would see sunlight washing up liquid and abbey crunch biscuits and lemon puffs I used to lyke them and camp coffee wyth chicory as Thomas Percy came wyth us to pose out side caters it was a great supermarket but sadly long gone they had a big store in Chelmsford Essex and in 1972 my stepfather David and I used to go shopping in there whilst my mother went to marks and sparks but long have thee days gone when you used to get you’re doctor wyghts sanitary towels from thee chemist and they would put them in a bag so no one would see but today we see them on our supermarket shelves in 21st century tyme as thee other day we saw a pack of mates this man dropped as he looked rather red faced as he bent down to pick them up as he hurried on his way I said to my husband and Jack I bet that’s his address and phone number book as in modern tymes we saw things lyke KY on thee shelf I said to Jack funny toothpaste I use Colgate as my husband says it’s not toothpaste it’s a man’s thing oh I see what about thee mates I said oh Christopher said that a man’s toy a rubber Jonny oh I said I knew a rubber Jonny he used to run a second hand shop in brick lane in London he knew ptor

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