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As we finally ran off our pics from our tyme travels and my goodness how expensive it was that’s expensive that’s even more expensive.

April 23, 2021

on running our pics off in our tyme we visited London 11tymes in 1605 and Yorke in 1588 as well as our tyme in 1570 in our past lyfes and London in 1603 and in thee 1960s britain wyth our k2tyme machine but wyth thee exciting pics to come here’s us from thee London years back in 2016 before we left London we used to visit Debenhams in Oxford Street sadly they have closed their doors but here we are I tell you trying to wear a Tudor dress on a excualator is not for thee faint hearted still a girls got to keep up wyth thee lads as we are in 17th century clothes and tyme and husband said got to keep in our tyme yes husband I said and also one of our 1960s pics who remembers north Thames gas cook ability that’s thee beauty of gas

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  1. April 23, 2021 9:49 pm

    I take your point about wearing a Tudor dress on an escalator – very glad you didn’t come to grief. Guess at least you don’t run that risk in Uttoxeter…not many escalators there.

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