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Parte six so let’s look at thee lamps of tyme and thee dresses I brought made and wore so let’s return to thee Braintree years to 1985 wyth thee first lamp of tyme wyth thee ghost of thee headless horseman of olde Cressing village near Braintree .parte six

April 24, 2021

over thee years I’ve encountered many ghosts but what if there two ghost lamps thee tall lamp wyth it’s red baulb that in this five sided lamp could shine from all pains to just one but even thou I’ve tryed to fynd a baulb lyke it none exsist on earth as my husband says it’s a lamp from another tyme in thee universe where tyme is endless and has no boundaries lyke our K2 lamp it only appears on earth when two tymes colided in our case it’s our lyfe before in 1570 to 1605 then 1961 to now over our present lyfes thee lamps have appeared 17tymes and over fourteen in thee past six years mostly in 2016 to 2019 and 2020 January of that year for tyme now to return to 1605 for instance would be at thee most two hours but in 1605 tyme it would be four months so where’s thee lamp now you ask well it’s in another demention of tyme we think of tyme of this one in thee third demention but tyme is a man made thing really tyme does not exist in thee universe it’s all about events in thee situation that exsists in our lyfes before so how do we know when we can come back well David who is olde Farther tyme has already decided when we return as thee clock articles 13 as thee lamp appears as all you see is darkness and in thee distance you see this tyme its very cold as we grab on to our tyme machine lamp as it flickers as it trainmitting our path to this tyme and our pics wych appear on our fone but what of yorksher Yorke well how do we go to yorkes past well you see a bright lyght in thee side of a building wych gets bigger and higher and before lond you’re back in stock peters gate in 1570 but what if thee dresses well little did I know when back in 2012 when I brought my redish one when I put it on I had shivers down my spine and all thee dresses I’ve got are in every detail of thee ones I brought wyth my husband back in 1604

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