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So as you know that tyme travel is thee norm for ghosts in past dementions and married to guy Fawkes as he’s mainly known and for me it’s a really a privilege to experience events if his lyfe of when he wasn’t wyth us his family in yorksher Yorke in 1605 .for many years my husband and Jack allways said what and where they went whilst in Lunden was Men’s business but when we missed most of thee TV programs about him and wyth what my husband says husband guidense of what I was allowed to watch as thee TV or any books on him and thee other gun powder plot ghosts was strictly forbidden it was a case of thee TV beeing switched off or even catching on fyre or a books that would have no pages at thee back as my husband said I protect you knowing husband’s duty .parte five thee return to April 13th 1605 are you ready?

April 24, 2021

for many years my husband would say it’s a question of what you don’t know won’t hurt you and how thee public view him and thee rest of thee gun powder plot but after a lot of disscusting wyth Jack Tom and Robert and Christopher and Tom Percy it was decided that when thee next tyme difference fault between two worlds and tymes would next happen wyth thee aid of thee K2 lamp a tyme machine portal that we could return to 1605 for me to see thee events and for my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert and Tom and farther Henry Garnet for them to relyfe their tyme as lyke in any tyme travel we nearly bumped into to our selfs wyth our son Tom but as my husband and Jack said that was a close shave but here’s our pics wyth thee lamp of tyme wych is a very powerful trainmitting devise as we coudnt take any form of camera or phones in thee 17th century photography was not invented and nothing can try to change past tyme here’s us out side Tom Percy lodgins house in London as he was lucky to know some one who wanted him to be a hard of some person but for us seeing our son who sadly died in Yorke just after his first birthday in 1605 was very upsetting

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