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As we returned to once again look at thee pics of 2016 in our tyme in London and as we returned to London in 1970s Engaland in thee 5th dimension of tyme so let’s return first of all to London January 2016 .

April 25, 2021

in thee London years we used to visit Oxford Street in London’s West end it was a short hop on thee London underground from bethnall green to Oxford Street in thee early days my husband and Jack and Christopher was very reluctant to be filmed but after all these years husband said it’s tyme to let everyone see but to wear a Tudor dress on thee tube is no keen feet as thee hoop underneath was difficult along wyth thee dress to get about easy what comments did I get was are you doing a reinactment program in a way I would douth say ye wyll fynd out but a girls got to do what a girls got to do talk about get thee london look as we went into Debenhams wyth it’s floors full of great things to buy and lots to see .and then there’s thee mall at wathamstoe E17wyth it’s big telly a color one outside as we used to eat our donuts outside on thee bench before going to thee market thee best one in eastern Lunden and who remembers Barratts shoe shop they had many stores we used to go to thee one in wood green BHS was there as well as toys for us and Woollworths and not forgetting C&A remember there advert you got thee look we looking for you got thee style wyth so much more yes C&a today but there all sadly missed and as we go back to 1960s east London to Thames gas board shop cookabillity that’s thee beauty of gas

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