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As you know that a few days ago a special envoy was disspatched to earth to try and sort out thee ongoing problems here he put his report in to thee high council in thee spirt world and a couple of days ago he returned to earth after it was decided to send a ghost army of piecefull knights to earth on a fact fynding mission to accitain what advise could be done and to fynd out who broke in to specpit towers back in 2016 and compile a report on why thee situation came to be a file on this wyll be handed to thee high judge in thee spirt world and any information wyll be put on thee perpetrators fyles as Tom went wyth thee yorksher Knights of olde from 1500 as they only appear for a few seconds in our tyme but Tom manage to capture Leon Gwain .Arther . Lancelot.Edward . Henry.and William on there fact finding mission as they could afford them selfs thee luxury of 21st century tyme after they had long disscussions wyth my husband and Jack and Christopher and Robert here they are in Yorke and London at bishopsgate Clifton Fossgate Gilly gate and thee shambles in Yorke and as they pose out side opposite thee houses if parliament in london as they came to say farewell as they returned to thee spirt world wyth there findings on earth in 21st century wyth their report we would lyke to thank thee lads for their tyme

April 25, 2021
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