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As we returned to London twice to April Saturday 13th 1605 and November 4th 1603 this is thee river Thames wyth thee olde lunden bridge .parte 7

April 26, 2021

so lets start wyth November 4th 1603 as we was wyth thee aid of our lamp to return to thee 8th demention of tyme as it was getting dusk but in our tyme when we waved goodbye to Tom it was only in 21st century tyme about 11am on a wednesday morning in February as we arrived at thee river side thee little boats was bobbing along in thee watter wych was choppy to say thee least as thee sky was a orange colour as thee smelly fog started to appear as my husband said come on lass shall we take along thee bridge it was getting cold as we saw thee tyme disstrotion by thee bridge as husband said quick thee lamp is waiting as it started to flickering we held on and soon we was back in 21st century tyme on our next visit on my husband’s birthday 13th april 1605 it was 9pm when we left and arrived in Lunden about 2pm as thee lyght faded we looked at thee sky thee sun lyke last tyme had this glow around it but this tyme it was brighter day as we walked by thee smelly river side as once again thee people bobbed along as they sailed on there way thee Thames was busy as it allways is and thee bridge was busserling wyth people milling about and in thee bridge was shops and houses as we walked along as people threw there ease wych mostly went straight into thee river as their winders closed and thee rubbish was fluting about in thee water as we continued along our way as husband said let’s go and fynd some thing to eat as thee big black rats slurried about along thee streets wyth men wyth horses and carted and people wyth things on there hands high up on lyke trays end of parte seven

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