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So let’s return to Yorke on july 25th 2019 .as we walk back in to yorkes past in thee fourth demention of tyme parte 8

April 27, 2021

remember thatvery hot day wyth temperature in 100 degrees ferenhite as we returned to Yorke but you never know where you wyll end up there as you walk down thee many streets then we saw a bright lyght at thee side of thee toy shop as my husband says quick it’s a tyme fault lass as thee lyght got bigger we went to 1950s Yorke wyth it’s Liptons and Littlewoods store wyth full of shoppers waiting for there goods and then in thee next instance we are back in 1600 in lower south southside of at peters gate they had long been building two story dwellings in fact they still are there today as our lamp then appears as husband said we have just been in thee 4th demention of our tyme

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