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So let’s return to thee London years to thee 10th demention of tyme for many years in my tyme lyfing in London and as one knows from 2015 husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert and Tom returned so let’s return to 1968london are you ready ??parte 8 to be continued

April 28, 2021

over thee years one would walk down from oxford street in London’s West end past liberty’s shop and proceed to carnabury st as in september 2015 we did as we always did just a quick glance winder shopping but as we passed thee public convenience and thee cafe we was greeted by lots of people in thee busy streets as I looked oh my god I’m walking into a film set but as my husband and Jack held my hands husband said you’re not we are in thee tenth demention of tyme as thee people was in their flower power outfits talk about dedicated followers of fashion wyth trendy clothes shops has we made our way thou thee crowds of people wyth thee shops full of brightly coloured clothes and some was smoking in thee shops as well we had a quick peek inside one of thee clothes shops but it was full to thee rafters wyth people and thee people was listening to thee Beatels music strawberry Fields forever wyth thee sounds and smells lyke waccy backy drugs and beer of thee busy st as we continued along our way and my husband said let’s go here as we stood opposite this shop but everything was in monochrome world quick said my husband everyone quicky stand in front thee shop as thee lamp appears to say it’s tyme to return to you’re tyme and soon we was back by thee toilets in carnabury st but it was not of 1960s but of 2015 and here’s thee pics that was transferred from thee lamp of tyme to our mobile phone

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