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So let’s return to 1960s Britain as we stand outside international stores do you it’s international it’s thee world of better shopping so come in and see as we returned to 1st demention of tyme in 21st century we lyfe in 3rd demention of tyme.

April 29, 2021

International stores first started in thee 18 the century tyme but as thee centuries went by thee shops became from a small well stocked high street shop to in thee 1960,s they become supermarket in blocking end in Braintree Essex there store sold everything from cups and saucers to food their shops was bright and easy to read signs to show you what isle thee things you wanted to buy was located they was good value for money in thee 1980s International stores was taken over by Wallis and then by Sommerfeld but in our opinion they was never thee same international had stores thee width and breath of thee country and their remembered advert International it’s thee world of better shopping so come in and see

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