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As we all know over thee years there has been many shops that aren’t in London any more as we returned to 1960s london in thee 11th demention of tyme but also yorkes many famous department stores so let’s return to 1960s Britain

April 30, 2021

from Littlewoods store and liptons in Yorke to thee woolworths store and thee coop that’s still trades today but do you remember they had blue shield stamps in 40s that you put on one page of thee stamp book and their advert it’s all at thee coop London they had Alders and Derry and Tom’s store in West London and who remembers caters supermarket Henry John cater opened his first store in thee mile end road in 1851 it soon grew and then caters had branches in Bromley Kent and Chelmsford Essex but in 1980s caters became presto and derry and Tom’s it was often been said that it gave thee idea of thee 1970s TV program are you beeing served I’m free here’s some if thee great stores of British past

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