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Thee gun powder plot of 1605 so let’s return to aprill13th as for thee first tyme in over 417 years you wyll see Thomas wintour and Robert wintour born in1571 and 1572 in worstershire England.parte 9as we returned to 9th demention of tyme in thee 9th demention of tyme everything is in monochrome world so let’s return Aprill 13th 1605

April 30, 2021

so what was it lyke in once was a cold coal celler wych was underneath thee houses of parliament in 1605Thomas Percy managed to be in a position to use it wych at thee tyme was a bonus to Guido who was employed as Thomas Percys servent in this pic you wyll see right Thomas wintour and Robert wintour then Ambrose Rookwood and far left Robert Castesby who was very handsome and such a charmer at thee tyme he could charm thee birds of thee trees and wow what a smile he was thee type of man who could get what he wanted and he was loved by most people wyth his charm and wit in thee 17tjh century lyke a celebrity as we know them in this century tyme as for Thomas wintour and Robert wintour they to even thou at first a bit reserved but once they got to know you they was and still are friends for many lyfe tymes and here they are on our last visit back remember remember thee 5th of November thee start of thee gun powder plot of 1605 as for thee cellar its self cold very dirty and coal dust lingered in thee air

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