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As we traveled back in tyme to 1960s Engaland as we await our lamp as we hold on tightly and arrive inside Woollworths store it’s suppriceing how many people miss this great store so let’s return to 9th century to 1968 are you ready ??

May 1, 2021

oh good olde woollworths they was a parte of our high streets for many years they sold everything from lampshades to lyght baulbes in thee 1970s they sold Ascot and phillips square ones in all colours and prilect electric fyres from pifco hair dryers to records wyth thee top 20top hits on their shelves and thee pick and mix as well as TVs and record players as well as Winfield lights and toilet seats woolworths was a great store to see new products they sold everything even cotton’s in Clacton in Essex they even had a big resterant wych sold cakes and teas ect woolworths ads at Christmas was thee best wyth thee wonder of woolworths that’s thee wonder of a woolworths Christmas it’s a great shame they aren’t part of thee high street any more but people have taken to their hearts woolworths and other great retailers of past tymes like Pricerights supermarket as well as keymarkets liptons international stores and Safeway everything you want from a store and a little bit more so let’s return to England in 1960s tyme and not forgetting Victor value

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  1. May 1, 2021 5:08 pm

    Yes, I still miss Woolworths. Poundland doesn’t quite do it for me. Woolworths was one of America’s best exports. Happy May Day to all of you!

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