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As thre lamp of tyme sent it’s message this morning it has nearly disstroyed this fine as husband said we wyll have to buy another one asap so we wyll take a look back at London 1605 to our last visit there in thee 7th demention of tyme.

May 2, 2021

so lets return to my husband’s birthday on Saturday 13 th of April 1605 as we walked along thee river Thames and walked up to Shakespeare’s globe theatre it was very busy as it always is on thee thames thee streets was busy to and there was a wynd as we walked underneath thee overhanging buildings trying not to get covered by what people threw out on to thee street below remember London in them days didn’t have any drainage or plumbing it just made its way to thee river Thames as thee buildings creeked as we walked along thee streets as my husband shows me underneath cellar as he said oh Tom Percy and I and Robert have lots of plans for this place and then said oh it’s it’s mens bussness noubt for my missuss to worry about it’s summut and noubt lass

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