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Even thou we have finished our tyme travels in thee 20th century tyme but for my husband’s birthday we wyll travel back to 1604 tyme in thee 2nd demention .but on our anniversary on thee,5,the of November we show you in pics form of what London houses of parliament looked lyke as they really are in 1604 tyme .

May 5, 2021

over thee years my husband and Jack and thee rest of thee gun powder plot has been televised but even thou thee last program that was made was over six years ago now by channel 5 there has been no more been made a few repeats re runs so we thought well why have a studio images when wyth thee aid of our K2 lamp which can trainmitting pics through tyme its self we can show you a world in London of 1604 tyme even thou in thee past we wyth my husband’s permission have shish you what thee duck and drake pub in thee strand really looked lyke wyth my husband and Robert wintour and Robert Castesby drawing up thee plot plan to bloive up little Jimmy but it was in queen Elizabeths thee 1st tyme when thee trouble started in fact king Philip of Spain sent thee Spanish amarder over to Englaland to try to kick thee olde queen out and make Engaland catholic but they lost and underestimated thee army in england thee Catholics had a bad tyme in both thee queen’s and jimmys rule in thee early 17th century tyme.

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