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As we returned to London April 14,th 1605 parte two so are you ready then let’s return .

May 9, 2021

as we go through thee dirty over crowded streets wyth our bred after every one had been to church as early on we heard thee peel of bells as people made their way to church in early 17th century tyme if not found in church then you had to pay a fyne and it could be a lot of money to pay for non attendance but as people came out we could hide our selfs in thee busy streets as people went about their business for a few hours as in thee early afternoon London would be desserted and no shops of any where would be open till after church was finessed even song we made our way where thee people was gathered by thee smell of roasting pig on a spot over a roaring fyre as thee smoke and thee smell of roasting meat as thee olde man signaled to say it ready as he then shouted meat 1d a slice my husband and Jack pushed in front of thee crowds of people and payed and as we walked along ripped thee bred into chunks and put their meat inside and took Hearty bites out of their door step sandwich end of parte two

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