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So let’s return to thee braintree years to Aprill 20th 1987 and thee experience that at thee tyme would change my lyfe for ever !

May 10, 2021

remember thee story’s I wrote about my first encounter wyth thee headless horseman of olde cressingvillage as we walked from thee three ashes pub in olde cressing village as Ted said oh you heard about thee legand about thee headless horseman on aprill 20th when thee moon is full rides through thee village of Cressing to ride on thee brainBrai and Witham road in Essex as we walked this big lamp appears and at thee side this figure of a man wyth a tall hat wyth a yellow lamp at thee side of thee lamp as this red baulb flickers I looked again but thee man had no head then I I look straight ahead this horse’s head was standing in front of us I froze and weed my self wyth fright thee figure is my husband guy Fawkes all of a sudden thee lamp and headless horseman was gone

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