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As thee rains fall over thee village we returned to do our shopping in thee inner sanctum of thee uttoxeter twilight zone .

May 11, 2021

as ye rainuth here every day wyth a hey ho thee wynd and ye rain as we went on our way wyth big claps of thunder thrown in for good measure as we arrived in thee uttoxeter twilight zone as we do our shopping but thee problem here thee toffee nosed lot wyll push in lyke in thee post shop oh pushes in to get her past sport oh you wyll have to come back thee assistant said to us yet we was first and thee same in thee photo shop these toffee nosed lot think they own thee place in there world of thee milk and honey ok ya as for ash god dam towers thee scofolding is up out side it seems strange every place we get pushed to they at some point have to put scaffolding up

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