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As we return to parte two of our visit back to may1605

May 15, 2021

as my husband said I’m feeling hungry as he held my hand tight wyth his big strong hands as he pulled out his money and said to Jack and I how much money have you got as we looked and found we all had four grouts each twelve in all about 48d or twleve shillings as my husband said that’s feet grand enough for a great feast missuss as we soon came along thee duck and drake pub by this tyme we walked up to thee strand in today’s west london by this tyme it was around 740pm as we walked in thee landlord came over and said no wimmin aloud in here unless you want grub my husband said where I go my wife goes wyth me oh that wyll be fyne then aren’t you usually upstairs my husband said yes later I wyll be as thee landlord said there’s this room if you want to eat in there as we looked there was a big fyre in thee grate roaring and a big table as my husband said missuss you go and sit by thee fyre whilst we get thee food and drinks as I looked at thee fyre in thee grate soon my husband and Jack was back wyth our food as they brought in venision pie and a mulity colourede balomonge wych was eight green and yellow layers even thou it didn’t look very appertisring especially thee green but it taste of limes and two tankards of ale and one of mead and some bred and some sort of cheese we soon tucked in and after we finished our food my husband got some more drinks as he put his arm around me thee tyme soon went as we heard footsteps going upstairs as husband payed thee bill and we soon left as my husband said we can’t bump into our other selfs we was soon on our way through thee dimly darke streets as thee lamp of tyme appears as we ran towards it but it wasn’t our usual lamp as we hung on and soon we was back in 21st century tyme at 8pm

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