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So let’s return to May 14th 1605 in 11th demention of tyme as in 21st century tyme we left on October 25th 2019 so let’s return to 1605 ready?

May 15, 2021

we was soon back in London at 830am as my husband looked at his pocket watch as he said I’m glad I would it up as we arrived by thee London bridge as thee air was full of smoke and a thick fog as usual had descended on thee city as thee candles was beeing extinuished as thee winders was flung open as thee smoke from their fyres billowed out as well as rotten veg and pee and as they emptied their chamber pots as men stood by their open winders yawning and taking in thee air wych made them choke nearly as we continued along thee river side and along by thee docks there was many shops in as we saw and Hurd thee sounds of men swareing as they unloaded their cargo there was so many tall ships in thee docks men could walk from one to annother wyth out getting their feet wet as thee ships as thee crew was sorting out thee sails and rigging as I thought let’s hope they don’t get a gigging in their rigging wyth thee smells of men’s sweat and up thee street you could smell smoke and ale and bred as we soon walked from thee docks to go up into thee crowded city streets as carts wyth there produce was going up and down thee dimmley lit streets as at first then thee sun made its appearance as thee sun made thee timber made buildings creek as we continued along our way

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  1. May 15, 2021 5:48 pm

    Love the thought of the wooden buildings creaking as they warm up and expand in the sun – nice touch.

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