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So let’s return to 21st century tyme in fact to February 10th 2020 as we returned to Thursday 14th May 1605 .so as thee lamp appears to take us back to 11th demention of tyme .are you ready ?

May 16, 2021

as we left 21st century tyme at 1430 English winter tyme to arrive in Lunden at 930am thee streets was foggy and as animals ran about everywhere lyke pigs and big Rats they scuttled their way along thee damp streets as we passed thee olde houses of parliament I turned to my husband and said as Jack said why lass you have years in you’re eyes ? As I said husband do you think we should warn our other selves of thee concequences of what wyll happen to them I mean us it’s so sad that on Novemeber thee 5th that thee gun powder plot wyll be exposed and wyll lead you to thee tower of London and that by January 1606 we would of suffered a lot of pain and heart Ake it makes me sad .as my husband and Jack said we can’t afford to dissrupt tyme thee concequences would bloive up both tymes and that would lead to what we have now in thee 21st century tyme .things must be allowed to continue as they did but we had thee last laugh on them havent’ we my love ?as I looked at my husband as his hand gripped myne I said youre right as then we went to thee river Thames and there was a boat tied up as Jack said oh that’s by Robert Castesby house .as my husband said let’s borrow it and see if we can look under thee houses of parliament celler just to see if how my handy work wyll go to plan husband said we soon got in as Jack untied thee rope as my husband took thee oars as thee river was busy and smelly we was soon on our way it was Carmarthen on thee watter and soon we arrived we alighted from thee craft and Jack found something to tie it too as thee watter lapped thee sides as we soon found thee entrance to thee celler and it was unlocked as my husband said stay close as we went down inside it was cold and this bright lyght came from a crack in thee wall as my husband stood there and looked at thee empty room wych was very big wyth torches but we didn’t need to lyght them we soon came back out as my husband and Jack said we’ve seen enough we soon quicky got back in thee boat and made our way back to thee other side of thee river where we got out and re tied it up as Jack said all in a daywork then we saw thee lamp appears as we ran to it and before long we was back in 21st century tyme again

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