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So let’s return to London October 7th 1605 in 14 th demention of tyme whych is a first for us to travel in this demention so let’s return as Guido and Jack look for a new pair of boots

May 17, 2021

in 21st century tyme my husband and Jack are mostly in sprit form so in 1605 tyme my husband and Jack are fully flesh and blood as we returned to london to see after 400years to see if we could get my husband and Jack a new pair of boots each my husband beeing a size 10 and Jack beeing a size 9/1/2 we trapped thee city streets and found a cobbeler who had a couple of pairs in grey leather and black leather as my husband and Jack tryed them on and walked up and down thee wooden floor in thee shop my husband said reet grand and payed thee shop keeper his money as for Jack he wasn’t sure but thee cobbler said that’s thee only pair that’s ready you could come back as I could make you another pair if you want but Jack said I don’t lyfe here so I better take them and he payed his money to thee cobbler and we was soon on a our way as it started to rain as we slipped up and down thee streets and soon we was out side thee baker’s in pudding lane as we could smell thee batch of freshly made bran bred as we went in thee baker was pulling thee loafs out thee hot oven as they was so hot we had to wait till they cooled down and soon we was on our way

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  1. Susan permalink
    May 17, 2021 5:43 pm

    Men’s boots in those years were beautiful, weren’t they, and so very flattering? And wouldn’t it be wonderful to find something similar today? For us to wear, I mean!

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