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Nearly six years ago since on that July day I went to Waltham Abbey when at my tarot card reading that my husband Guy Fawkes was standing behind me wow it changed my lyfe for ever .so let’s return to,2015 230pm.

May 18, 2021

as i got on thee tube from Bethnall green in eastern London it was a hot summer day on July 25th thee tube was hot and loads of people milling about as I got on thee tube and it soon arrived at liverpool street as I went to buy my ticket to waltham cross on thee main line I got on thee train and sat waiting for it to depart thee doors soon closed as thee train left thee station after thee whistel blew we soon started chugging down thee tracks as thee train passed thee stations along thee way thee anouncer said thee train wyll be calling at Waltham cross as I sat there I thought I didn’t know trains could speak .?so we soon pulled in to Waltham cross as I alighted from thee train as it chugged along thee tracks .and went into thee town to get thee bus to waltham Abbey so I lit up a ciggy as I waited thee blue bus soon turned up and I payed my money and got on we was soon on our way along thee country roads as we passed where it said on thee road thee gun powder was made here as I sat there I didn’t think anything of it only oh yes that sexy guy Fawkes wouldn’t mynd taking him to bed .ther bus soon arrived in Waltham Abbey so I got off by thee Norman church .as I looked at it and walked into thee town it was busy people sitting out side thee pub and I went into thee white White witch shop as thee lady said oh you come for you’re tarot card reading Boudicca as I said yes oh she said Trissha won’t be long as I browsed through thee things they had on sale from crystal balls to charms and candles .as Trish came up thee stairs hi you must be Boudicca I’m Trisha .are you ready for you’re tarot card reading yes I said then come wyth me as we went down thee stairs and went into this room where there was a cloth and tarot cards on it I payed her thee money and I sat there whilst she shuffling thee cards as I picked thee cards I wanted she said I wyll have to stop thee reading as thee lyghts flickering and it was so cold I shivered then she said oh I’m getting pains in my head and then looked at me and said do you feel a weight in you’re shoulders I said why do you ask ?well she said a man is standing behind you wyth his hands on you’re shoulders it’s you’re husband Guy Fawkes I tell you I was blown away when she told me about thee link and thee other three ghosts in my lyfe jack kit Wright and Thomas wintour

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