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So let’s look back at our other calendars from 1585 in thee Yorke years to 1662 in thee tyme when my husband and Jack fought in Flanders all my ghosts was trained to kill all excellent sword fighters archers and could fight and win on and off thee battle field it was only my husband who could use Gun powder wyth thee method of a slow train fuse

May 18, 2021

all my ghosts are trained to kill and even today my husband could give you a very nasty shock in 1601 he lyke Jack kit Wright and Thomas wintour and Robert wintour and christopher kit Wright was all trained mercenaries who signed thee please to fight to thee end all are very brainy and wyth thee passion of Christ they had on their swords in 1600 to be a Catholic you was disscrimated you couldn’t hold any type of office in politics or be a atterney thee situation was in just and unfair so thee situation started back in 1570 when thee ongoing problems wyth thee queen’s Elizabeth thee first imposed thee fines for not beeing a church of Englaland catholics was torchard and made pay heavy fines as thee years went by it would be thee blue print for thee gun powder plot in February 1605 but wyth delay about thee state opening of parliament was put back till October but as thee Plauge was rife in London it was put back again thus giving more tyme to my husband and thee plotters to get more members and money but when thee news came from Thomas Percy that he had got thee keys to a valt underneath thee houses of parliament it was thee news that Robert Castesby was hoping for and preparations was made as early as 1604 at thee duck and drake pub in thee strand upstairs in our callendars we take you through our lyfes and our friends who took parte in it even thou my husband kept me a secret as he said you are thee link that if anything bad was to happen that they would never fynd out about it’s my way to give you proper protection my missuss my husband said

it wasn’t thee end for my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert and tom tom it was only thee beginning back in 1606

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