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So let’s return to July 2015 and to Waltham Abbey parte two.

May 18, 2021

after Trisha told me about my husband guy Fawkes and thee other three ghosts she then said about oh how’s you’re leg better make an appointment with you’re doctor after thee reading was finessed we went up stairs and thee other ladies said how did you enjoy your reading I said well Trissha is one of thee greatest mediums I’ve ever known as I showed them my ghost pics of what I saw and took pics of Dick Turpin and John Hammond in epping forest on that October day back in 2014 as well as Guy Fawkes as they looked at thee pics Debbie said oh my that’s you’re Husband Guido Fawkes on that pic and that’s thee ghosts of dick Turpin and John Hammond you’re really privileged to get their pics and for me on that october day it was one of thous lyfe changing experiences that would change my lyfe for ever but as we returned to London after I took my husband’s pics out side thee Norman church on July 25th after we left thee shop as I phoned mark d roughy who was beeing a pig on thee phone as per usual at thee tyme I felt my husband’s hand in myne and I felt a sence of love that I never felt before so thanks to thee ladies in thee White witch shop and I’m glad I went to have my tarot cards read so why not visit you never know what she might tell you we returned to Waltham abbey five more tymes and on one occasion we saw flying birds which I took their pic as for my leg it was found I had a blood clot that broke off and I’ve got a clot in each of my lungs as thee doctors said we are so sorry but death is imminent but after them giving me warfarin injections as I said if I grow whiskers and a tail and my nose starts itching I wyll not be pleased in thee slightest.

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