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So let’s return to lock Ness in thee country of Scotland to 1974 so you ready then let’s return to September of that year as on our 2nd vist back to see if we could get a better pic of lockland Nessy thee big beast that he was .

May 21, 2021

my stepfather David and my mother after our visit said as we didn’t do a great deal in thee summer on our first visit we returned to thee lock mother said I’m not going out of thee automobile you two can go as wyth camera in my stepfather’s hand we walked along thee shore thee castle had sun on it as we explored around thee lock as my stepfather said well nothing here no monster to be seen as I said well I’m not going till I’ve seen this beast how dare he not turn up typical man as I stood at thee side of thee lock as I called his name lockland lockland where are you three tymes all of a sudden in thee watter there was this disstrotion and then this great animal appeard my stepfather said Jesus Christ what have you done ?? As it paddling to thee side of us at thee side of thee lock it was a ghost lyke creacher about six feet high wyth this long neck and big head as I looked into its red eyes as I said to my stepfather quick take his pic as I said thanks but then this disstrotion happened again and thee monster was gone but there was this smell of rotten fish as we looked at thee dwellings on thee opposite side of thee lock it has often been said that many years ago a spell was put on thee monster to banish him from lock Ness but it seems he vists through tyme and he don’t look to bad on it either as we found his pic in thee bottom of our box of pics as we are putting them into photo albums so here’s lockland Nessy from 1974

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  1. May 21, 2021 5:34 pm

    I always thought Nessie was regarded as female?

  2. May 21, 2021 6:02 pm


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