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So let’s return to thee London years in fact 1st July thursday 2010 as I went back to barking via Liverpool Street then on thee district line to barking and at bromley by now got on thee docklands light railway to gallions reach from thee bus I got to thee bus station and took a walk up there as I thought I’d take some pictures as I walked along I went to thee rivers edge as this big sailing ship appears as I looked up I saw this big man on deck with smoking coming from his beard .

May 21, 2021

as he looked down and said you took you’re tyme land lubber and said come aboard wench or you’ll walk thee plank me hearty .all of a sudden I was on deck in front of this powerful built man as he stared at me and said I’m black beard oor you knew me as Edward .or douth not remenber .as he said as thee sailors was milling about as I said what do you do wyth a drunken sailor early in thee morning oh ray and up she rices .he looked and as thee men was going up thee masts you can come wyth me on this voyage if you would lyke as I said my lyfe is not over yet as he said if ye wish me hearty as he said tyme to weigh anchoh and set sail as thee sailors said woman over board as he waved my good bye I waving back as I took thee pic thee ship faded away and then he was gone .so who was thee man and here’s about him Edward Teach born in England in 1680 under Queen Anne he fought in the many long war when war ended he left Engaland and sailed around the carrobeion as a pirerat and fought and looted many ships as they sank under thee waves of thee sea then he would sail to Cornwall or kermow then thee new world USA on November 22nd 1718 he was strapped and shot and had his head cut off and he was thrown into thee sea where his headless corpse swam around his ship seven tymes before sinking to thee bottom of thee sea he had a big beard that was on fyre wyth smoke fuses lit on him here’s thee pic of him and his ship in July 2010

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