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As it’s thee 65 thee Eurovision song contest tonight on BBC One at 8pm

May 22, 2021

so to everyone in Europe have a great night and good luck to our entry James Newman hope you win .Hallo Germany.Yeig Greece.Ciao italy . Bonjour France.Hej Danmark.Czese Poland salute Belgium.Hallo Norway.Hei Finland.Ola portugal.hei Sweden.salu Swiss DIA ghuit Ireland to you all we give you 12points here’s our records from thee show we brought over thee years my favourite is teach in ding a dong beside let me in we was watching on BBC 4 a couple of nights ago when one of thee past presenters called Bobby wyth his beard was showing videos of thee past shows he looked rather cute and used to write songs in his bedroom he presented thee show in 2018

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