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As we make our soap opera and for us it took a lot of paper and sticky back plastic and making pies to wyth husband and Jack and Christopher help we made our wobby sets wych after filming fell down as we wyll go lyfe as we can to bring you from Yorke about this small motel called contraflow roads can I help you ??

May 27, 2021

so lets run video tape machine Christopher where are you ? As my husband says oh he’s running wyth thee video tape machine .as I said no I ment plugged it in to thee mains as my husband calls Christopher back we plug it in and now it don’t work so here’s a pic as you wyll see Tom and Robert have dissapeard but they are there holding thee cameras lights camera action all silent on thee floor qué boudicca hello I’m boudicca Fawkes this is contraflow roads motle can I help you ?

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