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So let’s return to our soap contraflow roads motle based in Yorke parte two

May 27, 2021

as my husband said oh we have a full order book for our resterant tonight missuss!. Yes husband we have a party of four from down south London from a parte of London called thee borough of milk and honey called thee toffee nosed set .as this man comes up from his table and said I see Mrs fawkFa you have roast pea cock on thee menu can I have that no I’m sorry roast peacock is off as it went out through thee door as my husband said it was all pea and to much cock in its attitudes .but we are venison and custard e pie at 3,grouts a slice or 1/3 d whole pie or snowe or rosewater pudding at 2d or spotted dick at 3d wyth custarde oh no he said I had spotted dick last week it gave me so much pain as it came up in a rash .oh I’m sorry to hear that did you go to you’re doctor oh yes he said he gave me some potion to put on it .so I’ll have venison and custarde Tarte and snowe pudding .I’ll bring it over to you I said end of parte two contraflow roads was based on a original idea by Guido and boudicca Fawkes .hair lipstick by Maxy factor .key grip by christopher lighting by candles floor manager tom Percy cameras Tom and Robert

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