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Tis be parte 3 of our soap opera contraflow roads motle based in Yorke as we are half way wyth our soap so you ready hello contraflow roads motle can I help you boudicca Fawkes speaking .

May 28, 2021

as we go out into reception David is in thee desk . morning Mrs and Mr Fawkes good morning David .any messages ?.yes Mrs Fawkes we have a booking for a party called thee newts from GT cornard in Sudbury Suffolk for a few days .and you’re mother rang she’s threatening to come and visit thanks you David I’ll take over thee reception so you can go on you’re break now .thanks Mrs Fawkes .as my husband said oh now what we going to do about you’re dragon if a mother remember last tyme she had terrible wynd and coused a tidle wave in thee river floss and wyth that she blew off and people dashed thee front of thee building .but husband we have more important issues to deal wyth now thee newt family are coming where we going to put them as thee river floss is a bit far .well wife my husband said we wyll get Tom to bloive up thee paddling pool he Lykes giving a blow job as he’s got lots of air in him .as my husband said don’t you think David is a bit wooden in his acting well husband he is made out of wood what do you expect .as Chris came in from out side it’s a bit cold weather I see you got a great pair of blue tits on top of thee milk churns .how dare you Christopher how did you know I’ve got blue tits well really men . husband can you and Jack take them around thee back of thee kitchen as he gives me a kiss .oh by thee way missuss thee wheel is playing up on thee carter again I wyll go into stonegate to get it looked at oh ok husband are you going to unavailable carte as they always put thee horse before thee carte .yes said husband .as Jack said I don’t think much of that new gardener is it Allen why’s that I said well he wanted some baulbs to plant for next spring .yes why is that unsuall ?well they was made out if glass wyth 50watt on thee top of them .I see well let’s hope he put them up thee right way so he can lyght up our lyfes end of parte three contraflow roads motle was based on a original idea by Guido and Jack and Christopher and I Fawkes we are all unscripted make up by Maxy factor lighting by candle can you candle it .? Hair by me .sets by Guido and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert wintour

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