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So let’s stay in 21st century tyme and talk about Tottenham Hotspur and king Eric Dire .

May 29, 2021

this remarkable man who back in June 2013 in a warm up match against Uruguay won 6to 0 on 13,the he came from Cheltenham Gloucestershire and when he was a child went to lyfe in Portugal and played in many matches in Lisbon Eric Dire born in January 1994 has played many positions on in thee pitch from center back to defending midfielder and right back in one of his magical performances on Tottenham Hotspur ground and he brings his magical performances on away matches to .he also does a lot for charity’s .thee other day king Harry Kane and some of thee other players got their well earned trouphys but congratulations to Harry Kane and thee other Tottenham Hotspur players but Eric didn’t have one to show his atchivements so off we went to have a one off special football trouphy to be hand made and wyth his name on it we sent it to him so that Eric Dire would have a football sheild too it took a lot of tyme and money to get it done as all thee shops didn’t have one anywhere Eric should of got his today congratulations king Eric you’re thee number one

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  1. Susan permalink
    May 29, 2021 3:11 pm

    That’s beautiful; it’s obvious you’ve taken a lot of time and trouble designing it. Really, what a kind, generous thing to do.

    • May 29, 2021 3:28 pm

      Hi thanks for your message I just hope that it’s brought Eric Dire a little bit of happiness and to let him know that he is really well thought of wyth his work wyth others we thought that it was only right and fair that he should have his foot ball shelid but we don’t expect a response from him but as long as he Lykes it I even did an trainlation in Portuguese as he can speak both languages

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