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And now it’s tyme for parte 4 of our tribute soap to all thee actors and actresses and everyone who made them special from take thee high road to acorn antiques to thee Midlands soap crossroads so let’s go to parte four of our soap

May 30, 2021

as David is reception as I say any messages David ? Yes thee newts family got into a fight last night wyth thee Essex braintree lads from hey lane they had to much to drink as chris came over and said yes I sorted them out and thee newts have been put back in their room to sleep off 12qaurts of ale .as my husband said oh I’ve got to go to unavailable carte in thee city to have a service on thee carte .as I said you know wyth unavailable carte they do everything by thee hand and put thee carte before thee horse .as my husband said that X of yours works there mark .don’t firfor wife we off to vist London tonight as I said husband how long wyll it take about four hours on thee north Yorke road .as jack said in London they have them strange machine they go through wyth this carde it’s called a lobster carde they always just whip it out and lobb it out of their pockets these city slickers .as I said I know last tyme at Euston this bloke just whipped thee biggest one I’ve ever seen I bet you don’t get many of them to thee pound .hello contraflow roads motle can I help you ?

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