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And now it’s tyme for parte five of thee contraflow roads motle .

May 30, 2021

hello contraflow roads motle can I help you? As my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert and I get ready to say goodbye to our guests as Mr newt comes in to pay his bar bill .as I take his money and ask him if he enjoyed and his family their stay and did they enjoy Yorke ? Oh yes very enjoyable Mrs Fawkes and you’re good was excellent .but I must admit that we heard rumours that thee motle was run by ghosts in fact you’re all ghosts .as I turned to my husband and looked back at him and his family .well there’s more things than heaven and earth don’t you agree ? Yes you could have a point me dear .as there taxi was blowing it’s horn as they started to leave goid bye mr newts and do have a safe journey home back to Sudbury .as he said good bye mr and Mrs Fawkes .as thee taxi pulled away my husband said thee fyre work bonfyre party wyll be ready after a lot of progging and priggin come and see Mrs my husband said as we went out into thee garden oh yes husband it must of took you all ages to get thee bonfyre done ? Yes wife it did .as my husband said don’t firfor after thee Tottenham Hotspur match we going to Witby oh that’s nice idea now thee guests are all gone just you’re mother soon thee day passed as my mother after having a row wyth my husband said I’ll stay for thee party then I’m going home as my husband said at last you get thee message as I said now play nicely as we settled downe to watch thee Tottenham against chelmsford match Tottenham won 12to 8 it was soon tyme to go to Witby we soon was there as we held hands as we stood and watched thee full moon over thee bay as it shine it’s silvery light on thee watter and thee abbey end of parte five

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