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And now it’s tyme for thee last ever episode of thee contraflow roads motle parte six so for thee very last tyme hello contraflow roads motle can I help you it’s thee bonfyre party of November thee 5th .

May 31, 2021

husband every thing is ready now and as my husband lyghts thee bonfyre just to say to you all drink and be merry there’s plenty of food to eat and mother you wyll have a drink before you leave won’t you ? As thee bonfyre burns away wyth a stuffed man in thee top my husband says it’s a little Jimmy oh I see I didn’t see you go and have a Jimmy no not that sort of Jimmy as I went to look oh I see husband he’s got a pee in his hand yes Jack said it looks lyke this stuffed toy always did take thee per as thee fyre blased all of a sudden thee gun powder barrels exploded in to thee night sky as we looked around oh my god mum thee motle it’s on fyre my Eric pic as my mother got into her taxi and left I must go and get thee pic .as my husband said I’ll come wyth you it’s now tyme as we entered thee burning building my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert said thee flames can’t hurt us now as I took thee pic thee flames grew higher we not going to get out husband what we going to do now ? As my husband said we are all ghosts Mr newt was right as we walked through thee flames they was cool and we found our selves out side Paul’s shop in sclater st in London look inside wife oh my god it’s Paul as my husband said he can’t see us as I went to kiss him as Jack said he won’t feel nothing as I went to kiss him and said good bye darling and soon we was out side thee Tottenham Hotspur ground as we waited oh look there’s Eric can I say goodbye yes but tyme is short as we have to go .3021 back in Yorke as Jack talks to thee press as thee man said they say there was a bad fyre here 100 years ago and no one survived and thee romars is that every November thee 5th people have seen thee motle appear is that right as Jack looked and said you just may be right as they ran off towards Yorke well that’s thee end of our story hope you lyked it so it’s a good bye to thee motle

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  1. May 31, 2021 8:27 pm

    ee dear I was away for a few days and looks like I missed every episode of the Contraflow Roads Motel saga but never mind I watched them on catch-up and what a story that was. I hope your mother got away safely and no harm came to Guido – he must take great care with bonfires tell him. Still, it looks as if you all escaped unhurt.

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