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As we look back at thee secpit towers years in bethnall green or thee locals call it Bangalore green .

June 1, 2021

oh thee trail’s and tribulations of lyfing in London east end from seeing next doors husband dead on thee hall floor as thee next door neighbour said I think there’s some thing wrong wyth my randy .but first happier tymes when I first met PTOR Paul at thee white chair shop and how he charmed me wyth his complements and wyth his manly sent of cream cakes as he had thee look I was looking for .but it was not to be sadly but out of all thee flesh and blood blokes he was thee one that really lyked me .then came thee designs that I did .and after thee demise of Keith and Harry who after spending over £400 on a watch for him he returned it a couple of days later what hurt thee most it was even opened just a note to say Harry don’t want to know you .then there was thee boys at Ridley road market when after many years they just didn’t want to know me any more and then thee last of thee flesh and blood men mark who made repeated excuses not to come and stay just wanted what he could of my purse said he didn’t feel safe in thee area .but then came back my husband Guido and Jack and Christopher after many years apart and wyth doing films and talks and mags and doing filming wyth thee great gental author and as you know sadly in 2016 we had to leave and that was thee end of my tyme at secpit towers

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