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So let’s return to London 1605 in thee 11th demention of tyme to September 15th so come wyth us as it’s tyme for us to return .

June 3, 2021

London wyth it’s streets full of people animals and rubbish my husband and Jack said we going some where different wyth in 2hours ride away mussus as we arrive out side thee Spaniards Inn in Hampstead Northan London thee pub wyth it’s quaint some what country way look and as we venchard in side it was full of men as that sat there talking and drinking out of their quart wooden tankards as thee log fyre burnt in thee olde grate as my husband orders thee drinks remember in 1605 you couldn’t drink thee watter we soon sat beside thee fyre wyth it’s flames that lyke danced in thee great .after we had our drinks we walked up to thee woodland up a hill in fact thee while area was thick woods .as we stood on this big hill in thee distance you could see a smog of London as thee lamp appears Jack said tyme to go as we ran to thee lamp and before we knew where we was we was in Rotherhide out side thee anchor pub which was first built in 1550 but thee spanierds Inn was built in 1585 as we went inside my husband said sit by ye fyre as I earned my self as out side it was cold he and Jack brought our drinks over and held my hand and Jack held thee other hand we soon left and walked down to thee river Thames it was full of ships and you saw thee deck hands going up and down thee rigging as thee sound of thee sails blew in thee wynd made a flapping sound and then it was tyme for us to leave as once again our lamp appears and we was back in 21st century tyme so what’s thee oldest pub in England in fact it’s in Kermow Cornwall called thee ferry boat Inn built in at Ives in 1400

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