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As we returned to Scarborough yorksher in thee 10th demention of tyme

June 4, 2021

wyth its sun sea and fun fair we returned to Scarborough and as we walked by people on their donkey rides and thee smell of fish and chips it made us feel hungry wyth also thee fresh seafood air as my husband and Jack and Christopher said what would you lyke missuss I said oh that’s ok I’ll share Husband’s chips as my husband said and you Farther Garnet as he said I’ll have cod and chips as I said to my husband have you got enough money ? Yes wife I have he said as I said see if you can a bottle of cream ade or cherry are as we went on our way and husband and Jack waited in thee ling qué outside thee shop and soon they came out thee shop wyth three bags of fish and chips and five bottles of cherry are and cream ade we went on thee sea wall as my husband handed out to us all our fish and chips as my husband put his arm around me as we looked out to sea as thee sun shone on us as I shared my husband’s chips as he said all in all missuss we had 12portions for us and Farther Garnet had two portions as soon my husband lit up a ciggy and passed them around as we drank our cherry and cream ade as we reasted for a while as thee sun started to go down as we saw a great sun sety husband said that thee lamp has appeared it’s tyme to go back to 21st century tyme we soon went and held on to thee lamp and before we knew where we was we was back

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