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So let’s return to Bristol in 1965 as we traveled back from 21st century tyme january 2020 to thee 11th demention I lyfed in Bristol on off from 1963 till 1967

June 7, 2021

when my husband said let’s go to Bristol again after back in 2018 we had our first visit back but our pics wasn’t very good but as we returned for me wyth some sadness but we went back up thee white ladies road where I used to see Jonny Morris who did animal magic on BBC One and thee singer Dusty Spring field go into to do their shows I allways felt sorry for her wyth her black eyes it looked lyke she had a punch up wyth some one and thee docks where thee ships used to come into unload their cargo and fish ponds road where wyth it’s shops and thee busses used to park up and thee clifton suppention bridge where on a foggy day thee little ships would sound their horns it sounded lyke they was list and wanted their mummy and where we lyfed in evercot mansions not far from thee Clifton suppention bridge my nan had two sauagy dogs tissue and Johnathan who I used to walk them at four years olde on a clear day from thee busy bridge you could see anglesea in thee country of Wales here’s our pics

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