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Hello contraflow roads motle can I help you Daniel speaking ? As wyth our new set that my husband and Jack built we once again after thee fyre are open for temporary bussness from Yorke .

June 8, 2021

as Daneil is in thee phone as Chris our floor manager says quite please on set everyone in their places as I ask Daniel how’s he’s first day going on reception as he says Mr and Mrs Fawkes there’s this man on thee phone I think he said he’s from a county of sorry called Mr Binky toffee nosed .ok David there’s no need to apologize I’ll handle it on red phone two .hello contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking ? As this posh voice said one was speaking to ones receptionist about a booking to come and stay in ones estadishment olde bean ! I see well how many of you are you as Mr toffee nosed said well olde girl it wyll be ones self I’m Binky and ones wife pertunior and stinkers and pongo and pinky a party of five for three nights .oh one see and where is one from ? Ones is from Framechester in sorry .oh there’s no need to apologize olde thing don’t you mean Surrey down south oh no said Binky that’s simply not sorry no it’s not Surrey that’s not our county olde thing ok then as I say to Daniel can you book Mr toffee nosed and party of five on thee 16th June till 20 th is that ok wyth you Mr toffee nosed ? Oh yes that’s simply spiffing jolly good show tally how for now see you then olde filly as my husband and Jack said oh thee toffs are coming up to us then ? Oh olde been as I said they got me speaking plummy now .As my husband said that simply not yorksher missuss end of parte 7 set design by guido Fawkes and Jack kit Wright based on a original idea by Guido Fawkes and Jack and Christopher and Boudicca a Fawkes kit Wright monochrome production made in Yorksher Engaland

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