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Hello contraflow roads motle can I help you ?as we return to thee motle parte 8thee hand bag of fyre .

June 10, 2021

places please everyone as our floor manager tom said action .as Farther Henry Garnet stands in his pulpit and says Mrs Fawkes have you managed to light thee intense burner ? Oh it was hard to get it to light I tried everything and even got thee shoes to match as I said to my husband you don’t think my bum looks big in this skirt ? Do lass he said along wyth Jack what a cheeky girl you are .as we could smell burning as I looked at thee fyrey handbag there was flames all around and around it as Father Henry Garnet said oh my god you’re handbags on fyre as my husband said swing that bag what have put on it only petrol to make it burn as all thee hot glowing coals fell out on thee floor as Jack threw a bucket of watter on it as for thee handbag it was looking sorry for its self as I looked at my husband he said oh dear to machanical for wimmins business as father Henry Garnet said looks lyke we have to buy a new one so Christopher when you hand thee collection plate around in sunday make sure you tell them a extra donation wyll be required in aid of new intence burner as thee other one has been well and truly cremated end of parte 8

thee handbag of fyre parte 8

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  1. Susan permalink
    June 10, 2021 6:10 pm

    I’m so pleased to see The Return of the Fiery Handbag; it delights me every time! And it usually brings with it chaos. This is likely quite symbolic, isn’t it it?

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