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Hello contraflow roads motle can I help you ?parte 9as Christopher is on thee front desk so lights camera action

June 10, 2021

good afternoon christopher every thing ok any problems ? Yes we have a party called Mr Binky toffee nosed and his wife and friends pinky stinkers and pongo .oh ok Christopher I’ll see to them ! As they just standing by thee door as I go over to them holding my husband’s hand .as Mr toffee nosed said oh hullo olde been I say whatto jolly good show I say isn’t it chaps simply so sorry that’s where we all come from in thee south of UK .oh one sees how spiffing so has one ever been to Yorke before ? As my toffee nosed replies oh no olde thing only as far as Watford but I say what a absolutely spiffing place this is has one been here long ? In a matter of speaking yes .Yorke has lots to see and there’s lots of shops and Yorke minster my husband said oh absolutely topping olde fruit can’t wait to see all of you’re spiffing city that’s simply very much British and Tories .you’re in chalet number 5 Christopher can you ask Daniel to show me and his wife to there accommodation and pinky and stinkers and pongo to chalets 6to 8 .ok christopher said we hope one enjoys you’re stay wyth us dinner in thee refectory is at7pm and high tea at 3pm when thee clock strikes three for everything stops for tea .oh absolutely wonderful darling I say could one have any drinks now as one is so terribly dry olde thing it would be a cock a hoot if one could have refreshments as Jack said well as you’re paying guests thee Yorke bar is open .oh simply spiffing jolly good show five quarts of ale there’s a good chap end of parte 9 parte one

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  1. June 10, 2021 3:52 pm

    Contraflow Roads motel sounds a fun place to stay….

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