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Hello contraflow roads motle can I help you? It’s parte 10 .as my husband and I renew our wedding vows that we made all them centuries ago back in 1602

June 11, 2021

as we stood in thee little church as Farther Henry Garnet who back in November 1602 in yorksher preformed thee ceremony as he once again blessed our union but as he said you’ll always be as one in this lyfe past life’s and future ones after thee ceremony was done we kissed and held hands as Farther Henry Garnet said where’s thee quire ? They was supposed to be here for evensong practise as we go out side there was Edward Tom and Robert by thee two ice cream vans as they was licking their 69s .as Jack then said can I buy you. A 69 boudicca and you can give me a 69 as we went to thee ice cream vans as Farther Henry Garnet said to thee ice cream sellers who gave to permission to Parke on church property as it’s sacred as thee ice cream sellers said oh Mr Adder did thee church warden .oh did he where is he now ? Oh I said he’s on his holidays for a few days in Worcester .oh is he now I allways thought that he was a slippy man wyth fork tinge but he’s good at adding up if you figure it out end of parte 10

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