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So let’s return to thee Contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you?

June 11, 2021

as mr toffee nosed and his party slip their ale as I go to ask them are they ready to order their food as Binky said oh yummy yummy I say that wyll be an absolute hoot what’s on thee menu ? Well we have venison and custard pie snowe and roast peacock oh yummy you wait till I tell my mummy pinky said as he then said have you ever tried cock in thee van dysh it’s really very good ? As my husband said she is well satisfied by me thank you .as stinkers rushes out as I say what’s thee matter wyth him ? Oh it’s his trousers they are a little tight said pinky oh I see I thought wyth thee fall out he just had I do hope even thou a bit exposed that he can buy him self a bigger pair .oh does one have a fondle set we all down south lyke a good fondle wyth cheese after our dinner ? I see what you do down south is you’re bussness as pinky said I’ve got sore missgivings .well I’m sorry to hear that olde been have you tryed talc on them or you could see our in house doctors e could book you an appointment wyth either doctor Death or doctor coffin if you lyke ? As Binky said oh what a jolly good show olde been are you ready to order gentle men as Binky and stinkers came back and said I’ve had a little acedent I’m sorry to hear that stinkers I’m not surprised wearing them trousers perhaps you should go to burton what do you think husband ? As my husband said we went to Burton once didn’t lyke thee place remember missuss? Oh yes hated it as pinky said we wyll all have venison and custarde and spotted dick wyth custarde ok so that wyll be five dinners they wyll be at you’re table in five mins .can we order some drinks as my husband brings them thee wine list and Jack recommend our house red as he said it’s full bodied and wyll go down well as pinky said how absolutely spiffing jolly good show as I bring there dinners as they go and eat it all up as Binky said three more bottles please after two hours they left our refectory and sat in thee bar it was soon tyme for them to retire to their rooms as pongo said do you read night tyme story’s as my mummy does she allways reads Thomas thee tank engine ? Must cirtainly not see you for breakfast in thee refectory at 7am till 930am ok tally how olde bean what a simplwt scrumptious meal bravo jolly good show Mrs Fawkes end of parte 9

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