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9years of our blog on wordpress who would of thought that we would still be on here after all this tyme in thee early days wyth thee help of thee great gental author at Bishopsgate London libary that I would start to tell you my story then it bacame our story of heart Ake but through thee bad and sad tymes we battled on from thee first story’s I wrote about my tyme as a young child and thee two pigs I used to look after Paul and Keith and through thee hard tymes of that terrible past .

June 12, 2021

and even thou as I grew up and thee ghosts I met and thee people I met that would change my lyfe for ever .in a lot of cases you could say unfrequented love if you think about it wyth flesh and blood men thee rich ones in thee public eye in reality wouldn’t want to know any body lyke me money attracts money and even thou in some instances they promote rights for some but not for others in their passonia and even thou I tryed to say hi here I am but it didn’t work and even thou I showed them thee hand of friendship they didn’t even say thanks .but lyfe is some tymes cruel and hard but at least I’ve got my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert for over five years now they have been a big parte of my lyfe where people lyke Eric and Harry didn’t want to know even thou in thee past on some sites people have been creul in there attitude towards them just because you loose a game as some tymes they did but people don’t have thee right to send them nasty messages in fact I’ve had many internet clashes wyth some of their fans to show them thee error of their ways I there for would lyke to think that they would think before writing such remarks after all we are all human beings after all but lyfing here is thee worst place I’ve even lyfed in and sadly people’s attitude towards me wyth never change you could say in this situation thee battle was lost and up and down thee country in small market shit Townes thee small minded attitude wyll always be over thee years I’ve met many ghosts in fact I’m more popular in thee sprit world than on earth .and wyll beeing married to a ghost tyme travel is a way of lyfe that when I started writing thee blog I never thought back then I would ever u

Encounter as for my many father’s one I had David was parte American so that’s why you see reference to thee trunk and hood on autobiles he was a big parte in my lyfe from 1969t0 1976 but sadly was killedin a car crash in 1976 but his sprit lyfes wyth us now and we all happily lyfe together as one big e family now well what wyll year ten be lyke I wonder as for major dissapontments well it has to be Mark and Paul Ptor next tyme we return to thee conrafow roads motle cani help you

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  1. Susan permalink
    June 12, 2021 11:25 am

    Congratulations on your 9th anniversary writing this daily vignette of your life. After all, even though you move back and forth through time, it is all you. It has doubtless taken much time, dedication and work to find something for the focus every day. You have a way with words and I especially appreciate your beautiful, unusual photographs. It can be disheartening living a unique life in a world that seems to reward conformity. I especially respect that you remain true to yourself even when it is difficult. I read your blog first thing every morning and and I thank you for it very much.

    • June 12, 2021 11:40 am

      Hi thanks for your message very kind of you .we always try to make sure we go to places that everyone wyll find interesting I always have believed that treat others as you wish to be treated you’re self we all fynd lyfe in thee 21st century is very challenging but as they say you’re best friend is you’re self and what you believe in is true to you’re self have a great day and thanks for reading our story

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