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So let’s look at my prediction as I look into my crystal ball

June 12, 2021

so let’s have a quick look well wyll we unlock and go back on June 21st I’m afraid to say not looking good it wyll be in July around thee middle of thee month as for thee weather hot and sunny temps in thee south of Engand 80f for a few days a bit of rain next week but nothing to substantial Temos above average if only I could forecast thee national lottery numbers I should be so lucky lucky lucky in thee 25years it’s been going all we get it sorry not a winner it could never be you .but some one wins it but alas not I .but thee lottery is not a new thing in thee late 16th century queen Elizabeth thee first one brought out thee lottery to find extra ships and a war chest as it’s a good way of raising money then it fell out of favour wyth thee public at thee tyme it wasn’t untill 1974 when Maldon council brought there own verson of thee lottery back then in ,November 1994 thee government brought it back .

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