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Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you? Tis be parte 10 thee renewal of our vows so let’s return to thee church lights camera action as tom our floor manager says

June 13, 2021

as we stand in front of Father Henry Garnet as we did over four hundred years ago in 1602 my husband said it would be a good idea to renew our vows ? As Farther Henry Garnet said we once again in thee presents of God to witness thee continuation of Guido and Boudicca Fawkes and how there love and devotion to each other wyll allways be .when I first married them on that cold winter snowy day out side Scarborough and Witby I knew they would go from strength to strength and once again this happy couple have stood in thee face of God and renewed their vows to each other .you may now kiss you’re bride as guy said she wyll get more than that .as Father Henry Garnet said we are in God’s place we sang thous feet in ancient tymes as Jack said not only you married to guido you’re married to all of us as Father Henry Garnet said yes Jack you have a valid point and she is .as we drank thee wine and eat thee wafrer of bred and rise to our feet as we went out of thee church Farther Henry Garnet said where’s thee choir they shisho of been here for evensong practise ?as we went out side they was at thee two ice cream vans licking their ice creams as Robert said Jack fancy a 69 there only 6d as Jack smerked and said let’s go and buy some call it my treat and then we can have a long 69 my love as I said oh Jack you are a one .as father Garnet said to thee ice cream sellers who gave you permission to use church sacred space ? As they replied we spoke you you’re church warden Mr Frank adder he’s got our number as farther Garnet said he’s a good adder up but can be a slippery man who speaks wyth fork tounge .as Jack said Mr Adder is in his holidays in Worcester he meets his friends they are in thee club of slithers uk .I see said Mr Garnet he waits till he get back here yes we said as we lucked out ice creams end of parte ten

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